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"Blog Shout Out" What Do You Want In A Background

I'm doing a "Blog Shout Out" (to see what a "blog shot out" is please read the bottom of the post) on what would you want in a background.  I can make backgrounds till the cows come home, but it doesn't matter if I'm not giving you what you would like to have.  So, if you could spare the time and leave a comment on things you would like for a background that would be great.

I plan on doing more "boy" like backgrounds for I know there are lots of guy bloggers out there.  You will also be seeing more designer style backgrounds.  I plan on having a {FREE} section offering "Blog wear"...(ie buttons, headers, sidebar items etc.).

Hope to hear from and thank you in advance.
Happy Blogging~!

Blog Shout Out- My husband loves to watch "Cash Cab", a game show that is on TV and played in a cab.  You answer questions on the way to your destination.  If you get 3 strikes you get kicked out of the cab, but if you answer the questions right you get money.  You are allowed 1 phone call to friend for help and you are allowed 1 "street shout out" where Ben (the cab driver and host of the show {funny guy}) pulls over the cab and you ask a person on the street to help you.  Thus, my version of a street shout out for blogs...LOL!!

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