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Giveaway Design DONE!!

Hey Everyone!!
I have been busy working on my giveaway blog design.  Leisha was SUPER COOL to work with and I had SUCH FUN with her design!!  She is a girl after my own heart.  If you have a second drop by her site.
His Grace Alone

Thanks Leisha for letting me design your blog!!!


  1. It looks fabulous, Lisa! Great job!

  2. Thanks Marsha!! You're a 'sugar pie'

  3. I LOVE it! What a great job. Gotta love His Grace Alone!

  4. Lisa - I keep logging on to just look - I can't believe it is all mine!! Thank you so much for the labor of love!!! You are the best!!!

    Leisha @ His Grace Alone

  5. Hi,
    I am your friend on THL. I was wondering if you also could install an already finished template like the revolution, which I found a template for blogger. Or if you could design similar layout for blogger..I have several blogs and I would like to make them more professional, like yours for example.
    Here is an example of layout that I like:

    Here is my blog..I am also in the making of a network blog that will cover 4 bloggers which I also would like to have a more professional look.